Boldron People

Names associated with the Parish over the years include:- Newton, Benson, Coates, Richardson, Plews, Lowes, Cook, Jackson, Alderson, Barnes, Dawson , Baxter, Donald.

Many of the families’ occupations were in agriculture either as farmers or farm labourers or were quarrymen or lime burners in the local limestone quarries.  However others ran the George and Dragon pub, were shopkeepers, members of the North Yorkshire Militia, doctors, annuitants, carpenters, blacksmiths and even cheesemongers who owned shops and property in London.


The links below are to transcripts of Censuses for Boldron.

Boldron Census 1911

Boldron Census 1901

Boldron Census 1881

Boldron Census 1871

Boldron Census 1851

Boldron Wills

A number of wills made by people from Boldron have been transcribed and their transcriptions can be viewed at

These include the Wills of:-

William Binks of Bowlron – 1689

Thomas Atkin of Boulron – 1698

Isbell Mitchell of Boldron – 1709

Anthony Hanby of Boldron – 1727

William Wood 1746 (search under Bowram)

Jeremiah Newton of Boldron – 1755

Thomas Richardson of North Field – 1756

James Richardson of North Field – 1763

Thomas Richardson of North Field – 1775

Christian Hanby of Boldron – 1787

Susannah Finley of Boldron – 1789

Thomas Raw of Boldron and Startforth – 1790

William Bailey of Blades Field – 1805

Thomas Benson of Boldron – 1816

Margaret Richardson of North Field – 1817

Richard Dawson of Boldron – 1837

John Newton of Boldron – 1837

Samuel Softley of North Field – 1838

Anthony Benson of Boldron and Tottenham Court Road, Middlesex – 1839

Jonathan Longstaff of Blades Field – 1841

Thomas Wilkinson of Boldron – 1851

Plus many more wills of people in the surrounding parishes of Bowes, Startforth, Rokeby and Barningham including:- Matthias Hanby 1727 of Eastwood, Barningham who left £2 to the poor of Boldron amongst his bequests.