Boldron Organisations

Boldron Women’s Institute

Boldron Women’s Institute was formed on 4th June, 1940, when Voluntary County Organiser, Mrs Younger, gave a talk on the aims.  Thirty members were enrolled (members had to be aged 14 years or over) and Miss Barry was elected President.  Meetings were held in the Chapel on the first Tuesday of each month, with the committee meeting to follow.   Monthly meetings have continued since then with invited speakers talking on a myriad of subjects including gardening, cookery, crafts and travel.  The W.I. was the driving force behind the building of a village hall in Boldron and meetings have been held there since it was built.


A Boldron W.I. Craft Demonstration


Boldron Quoits Club

Quoits has been played in the village for many years, particularly grass quoits.  In 1978 the Club requested permission from the Lords in Trust of the Manor of Bowes to build clay pitches and this was agreed.  There are currently two teams who play during the summer months in the Zetland League.


Boldron Sports

Boldron Sports was initiated following the demise of the Carnival and was initially held in a field near the Village Hall, however, it now takes place on the village green.  There are races for all ages of children and a longer open race for a cup.  In the past there were also  bat the rat games, sheaf tossing and greasy pole competitions, followed by a disco in the evening.  There continues to be a raffle, tombola and hoopla stalls and a tea in the village hall.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s trips were arranged at Christmas to Billingham Forum for ice skating and swimming, whilst the parish’s pensioners received a basket of fruit.