Boldron Chapel

Boldron Primitive  Methodist Chapel was built in the 1860’s, but Methodism was active in the village from at least the 1820’s with worshippers meeting in houses.  A description of the development of Methodism in the area is contained in –

A History of Methodism in Barnard Castle and the Principal Places in the Dales Circuit by Anthony Steele, London, 1857

The foundation stone of Boldron Primitive Methodist Church was laid by Mrs Richardson and it opened on Good Friday 1868.

Mrs Richardson Chapel Foundation Laying

The picture shows Mrs Richardson and a large congregation at the laying of the foundation stone.  She was presented with an inscribed silver trowel.  Mrs Richardson also gave a Bible to the finished Chapel.


Chapel 70th Anniversary

Boldron Primitive Methodist Church 70th Anniversary Tea

This picture was taken at the 70th anniversary of the opening of the Chapel in 1937.

The Methodist Chapel was often used as a meeting place for villagers before the construction of the Village Hall and many Parish Meetings were held there.

Below are details of the windows of the Chapel.





The Chapel had a thriving Sunday School for many years and a congregation who came from all over Teesdale as well as the local area to worship.  However, as with many other places of worship the congregation dwindled and the Chapel closed.


Boldron Chapel before conversion.

The building had planning permission to be turned into a house, but with the close of the George and Dragon Inn, the community building that was Boldron Chapel was converted into a social club, known as the Pinfold Club.  This name refers to the time when this piece of land was the village pinfold, where straying stock were kept until their owners collected them.


The interior of the Pinfold Club.